Our goal is to enhance learning and to strengthen developmental functioning by providing a continuum of services.

Our goal is to enhance learning and to strengthen developmental functioning by providing a continuum of services.

The Links 2 Learning professional team

The Links 2 Learning professional team has over 50 plus years of experience consisting of licensed psychologists, educational specialist, special education professionals, speech language pathologist, and a Behavior Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Experiences range from clinical diagnostic evaluations (e.g., including childhood psychopathology to developmental disabilities), behavioral intervention, autism spectrum disorders, teacher training, parent training, etc.

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What should I tell my child about their upcoming evaluation appointment?

We suggest that you avoid using the word “test” or “evaluation”. Rather, you may want to tell your child that she or he will be doing some activities. If your child is being evaluated for a learning disability, you can tell them that they may be doing some reading, writing, and math. You can also let your child know that what they will be doing with us will not be for a grade, but it is very important to try their best so that they can tell us about themselves and teach us how they learn. Also, for younger children, let them know that this is not a medical evaluation like the pediatrician.  There will be NO shots!!!!

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we accept Medicaid.

I am a pediatrician/with a medical office, how do I make a referral?

It is preferred that you fax a referral to our office at 205-623-0266. You also can call 205-861-0594 or via our contact form

What ages do you work with?

18-months to 21-years of age

Do I need to bring anything with me to the office appointment?

No, unless you have paper copies of any previous evaluation/school documentation. We request that all documents, including special education eligibility records, IEPs, BIPs, 504 plans, school records, speech/occupational/physical therapy records, and hospitalization/medical records be uploaded to the client portal. If you are unable to upload them, you may also upload the documents via our contact form. We greatly prefer to have all documents before the first appointment.

What should I do if I have a question after I receive the written report?

Contact us! We strive to answer all questions during the feedback meeting, but it is essential that all questions are answered, and concerns addressed. We are more than happy to continue working with families after the initial evaluation is completed. 

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